Why Packages?

Choosing a building package gives you great selections and savings.

We are proud to offer such enormous savings to each customer with a custom package. We strive to excite each and every customer with our ability to assist in creating the ultimate choice while we continuously focus on complete customer satisfaction through the ability of identifying and designing your structures to fit all your wants and needs along with our striving efforts and our willingness to continue going far beyond your expectations.

New Builds

New Homes & Cabins

When constructing a new building or adding to an existing structure, you need the assistance of knowledgeable professionals who will address your concerns.

Beardsley Brothers Construction Company has a wealth of experience in virtually all types of new construction. From initial planning through completion, Beardsley Brothers is committed to providing outstanding client service. We understand that constructing a new facility is an important step for any client, and we provide the proper support to make it a pleasant experience.

Remodels & Additions

Renovating an existing building provides special challenges. Whether updating a structure with the latest materials or technology or restoring a building to it’s original splendor, Beardsley Brothers Construction has the expertise to deliver the best finished product.


Our garage packages are a great option for all your garaging needs as they offer secure and economical protection. Standard features include:

  • Lumber and Labor
  • Sheathing for the Roof
  • Bottom Plate
  • Shingles
  • Garage Door

Pole Barns

If more room is what you need, a pole barn could be the answer. From extra storage to more room for that workshop, pole barns can solve your space problems and add resale value to your home.

There are many more packages from which to choose. Please call (585) 610-5376 for information.